Macabre...ish Horror Review: Bird Box



Bird box, 2018/ 2 hr 4 min.


Malorie (Sandra Bullock) explain to two little kids the rules which include not removing their blind folds under any circumstances and if they break the rules, she will hurt them. They are traveling down river.


Mixed into this apocalyptic reality are flashbacks of the past and the beginning of the disaster. It began with mass, unexplainable suicides.


Malorie is a pregnant painter who is certain she’ll have no bond with her baby. She’s completely disinterested but she has Jessica (Sarah Paulson), her sister, who is happy and excited for her. She is also considering adoption and at the hospital she encounters a lady head butting a plate glass window. And she and her friend are running for cover. Suddenly Jessica, who is driving, is terrified of something that Malorie cannot see. She causes and accident and afterward, steps into an oncoming trash truck.


It is disaster. People are seeing things and committing suicide everywhere. The suspicion is bio warfare and seems to only be happening in the street. Some think it’s judgement day, whatever you fear most appears to you, a vision, and the cause is suicide. Except for those who want to see, love it and force others too as well.


The borders are closed. Tv and internet goes out. Lots of precautions have to be taken when looking outside or at someone new. During a trip to the grocery store, Malorie rescues some pet birds, who seem to know when the entity is near.


And when group dwindles down to just Malorie and kids, she has to do something drastic to save their lives but it may kill them after all.


This is a good post apocalyptic horror. Very well done with a great cast and concept! Also in this flick is Trevante Rhodes, B.D. Wong, John Malkovitch, Lil Rel and MGK. Good movie!