Macabre...ish Horror Review: Black Christmas


Black Christmas, 1974/ 98 min. A sorority house full of sisters and guests celebrating the holidays is terrorized by obscene and disturbing phone calls that they mostly ignore until some of them begin disappearing. At first, the assumption is the women had gone home for the holidays but no one took anything with them.


Fellow sisters and concerned parents arriving to pick up their kids make missing person’s reports with police. To no avail, the calls keep coming and students continue to disappear. 


Something terrible is happening in this town, there’s been a serious of sexual assaults, missing people and now murders. The police tap the sorority house phone line and discover the disturbing calls are originating from inside the house.


The end is very dramatic and the foolishness of some of the characters is maddening. Very dark cinematography that really heightens the horror. 


Adult language, violence and blood. 


This is creepy in a way, only vintage horror is creepy. It’s disturbing, hopeless and bleak. Also there are POV moments from the killer but not the entire face.


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