Macabre...ish Horror Review: Black Christmas 2006


Black Christmas, 2006/ 84 min. The remake of the 1970 classic. Sorority sisters are snowed in and are desperately trying to survive the night as a killer, terrorizes and kills them, after escaping an local asylum and gaining access to their house. 


This movie doesn’t make you wait for it, the first kill is within the first few minutes of the movie. And then a story about how an asylum inmate tries to escape every year at Christmas. 


This movie has plenty of jump scares and fast kills, add that too the dark cinematography, makes this movie scarier. Just like the original, we don’t see much of the bad guy’s face. Also, POV in this movie is different, lots of extreme close ups and interesting angles. 


There’s an old story about Billy, a spree killer, who’s mother hated him because he was born with yellow skin and looked like her husband. He witnesses his father’s murder at the hands of his mother (P.S. his mother was a total Perv and degenerate) and her boyfriend. They put a bag over his head and beat him with a hammer. And because the sorority’s house was once Billy’s house, they have a 15 year tradition, they always get a gift for Billy. And no one can open their gifts until Billy’s is opened.


Anyway, Billy killed his mother and stepfather, tried to kill his sister/daughter and ate her eyeball. Then made Christmas cookies out of his Mom and was found eating her, by the police. Was sentenced to an asylum and his sister to foster care.


The sisters begin getting a lot of scary calls from different Sister’s cell phones. And then they begin to disappear. 


Good effects, gory, gruesome, bloody and graphic. Lots of ornament and candy kills, I’m a fan! Also, adult language and scenes. Good concept and story. I really enjoyed this movie!



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