Macabre...ish Horror Review: Black Mountain Side



Black Mountain Side, 2014/ 1 hr 39 min

A team of archeologists unearth something in northern Canada and strange things start happening, it begins with the death of the pet cat. Then all the indigenous workers leave in the middle of the night in -50 temperature and their tracks are going in the opposite direction of their reservation.

Soon after, members of the archeology crew begin getting sick and acting strange. One of them, his skin starts reacting and tumors bubbling up on his arm, so they cut it off. Another one, saws off own hand with a kitchen knife and just sits there parroting back what’s said.

Also, there’s some kind of evil disembodied voice and not everyone can hear it. Soon they start believing it has to do with the partially uncovered artifact and the strange glyphs that are on it. They try to find connections to what’s happening.

An the autopsy of the amputated limbs show signs of nonhuman cells, more like cephalopod, it began as bacteria and invaded the muscles and bone, turning human cells into octopus or squid like cells.

Whatever it is, is probably contagious and it’s potentially a disaster. They have to sterilize the site, quarantine the artifacts and shut it down. But before that happens the crew is devastated by dissension and paranoia. And whatever that voice is, might get them all killed.

This film is a horror thriller and a slow burning one at that. It begins very slowly with a lot of talking but slowly the movie takes a turn and becomes eerie. The physical effects are pretty good and so is the story.