Macabre...ish Horror Review: Black Summer



Black Summer, 2019/ Series


Rose• At the sound of an alarm, families emerge from their homes, in, seemingly a ghost town. All carrying belongings to be relocated via military transport. But first everyone’s eyes and skin has to be checked for infection. As expected, someone’s infected, separated from his daughter after the calvary leaves and tries to eat his wife.


Another segment has a non-English speaking Korean woman, Sun and deaf man running for cover and they run into different kinds of violence...a man holding a family hostage, another one attacking a woman and leaving her in the road etc.


Barbara • A lady driving to the stadium and car jacked by a man who tricks her, he is then beaten to a pulp by another man.


Lance • The woman I mention getting hurt earlier in road is run over by a car and abandoned by her boyfriend. She dies and wakes up undead.


Spears • Soldiers escorting a man and evacuating the neighborhood. The man being escorted claims he being persecuted.


The Checkpoint • A group of people arrive to discover is closed, they’re under attack but push their way through the locked and guarded gate


Segments are separated by people in the scene’s names. They are all going through the same thing at the same time and location but different areas and angles during the same event, in the community.


Segment and characters intersect. Good concept, cinematography and score. Very versatile cast. All of that 👆 was the first episode and there wasn’t too much zombie activity but it did well to set the scene and introduce us to the characters and zombie type.


The second episode does a great job of expressing how dire the situation is, how stressful it is and that the living people (including kids!) are as dangerous as the zombies. And how quickly loyalties can change with one transformation. This could turn out to be a really good series!




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