Macabre...ish Horror Review: Blade



Blade, 1998/ 120 min.


In 1967 a pregnant woman is attacked by a vampire, the baby is born premature but the mother presumably dies.



30 years later, a club owned by Deacon Frost for Vampires is raided by Blade, a vampire hunter. Born a vampire and immune to the damage of sun light.



In this world of vampires there is Blade, the Daywalker. He hunts vampires, does not consume blood but a serum. Created for him by his partner/adopted father, Whistler. Who’s family was slaughtered by vampires. He found Blade as a boy, homeless, feeding off the homeless. Then there are Pure Bloods, all born vampires. Turned Vampires and Familiars, the ‘pets’ of vampires, humans who want to be vampires, marked on the back of the neck by their owner, in the hopes of being turned into a vampire.



Frost threatens the treaty between the humans and vampires because he believes vampires should rule and humans are simply cattle. He has a plan to both take control and rid himself of the ruling Pure Bloods and become nearly immortal, a God even. The Blood God, La Magra.


With the help of Whistler, who not only engineered his serum but his weapons. And a doctor, hematologist, Karen who Blade rescued after she was bitten by a charred vampire, during his autopsy. She hopes to find a cure for vampirism.



This is a fun vampire movie! Good fight scenes, some funny characters and good effects.




If it’s not streaming anywhere, it’s here, on itunes. Enjoy! 


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