Macabre...ish Horror Review: Blade 2



Blade 2, 2002/ 119 min.


Two years later, in 1999 Blade scours Prague, searching for Whistler, who was previously attacked and kidnapped by Frost. He’s discovered in a safe house and brought home to recover.


There’s a new addition to the team, Scud, the new weapons creator. Whistler immediately hates him.



Unbeknownst to them a virus is rapidly running through the vampire community. The reaper virus make the vampires immune to everything that kills vampires but UV rays. They are voracious feeders, they mutate and feed on other vampires, spreading the virus.



In desperation, Damaskinos, sends for Blade to help contain the outbreak. He’s informed that a vampire named Nomac is purposely infecting vampires and once he’s done with vampires, humans are next.



Blade agrees to help and is then introduced to the Bloodpack, Priest, Chupa, Reinhardt, Snowman, Lighthammer and Verlaine. They investigate nightclubs and take some losses until they find one reaper who dies from thirst. They discover how to kill them after an autopsy is done and when they find Nomac, they find that this isn’t simply a virus.


It’s a result of a big secret involving Damaskinos and failed experiments, Nomac being one of them.



And a plan involving plants, secret familiars and conspiracy, luckily, Blade’s thought of that already and prepared for it.



Loved the addition of Norman Reedus and Ron Perlman and the reapers! Good story and same good quality effects and visuals. Good movie!


 If it’s not streaming anywhere, it’s available here. Enjoy!


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