Macabre...ish Horror Review: Blood and Donuts



Blood and Donuts, 1995/ 89 min.

A golf ball wakes a vampire named Boya (Gordon Currie) out of his slumber, he’s been asleep since 1969 and things are...different. He doesn’t feed on humans but animals. And he digs his luggage up, from a nearby graveyard.

Boya meets and befriends a troubled taxi driver, Earl (Justin Louis) who’s trying to survive a debt he owes to a crime boss (David Cronenberg) and donut shop worker, Molly (Helene Clarkson), who is trying and failing to stay out of it.

And someone seems to know who and what he is and that he is awake. A woman, Rita, and she has been searching for him for 25 years. But whatever they were, they aren’t anymore and in a jealous fit, she tries to kill him. Since her method was from tv, it doesn’t quite work.

 The end is unexpected, people you expect to live, die and vice versa. People you expect to be vampires aren’t while other’s are.

Though a Cronenberg flick, it’s not very gory but a little bloody and nice vampire transformation. Plus some cartoonish CG. All in all, it’s good nostalgic fun, not particularly scary but a nice Canadian horror comedy.