Macabre...ish Horror Review: Blood Bags



Blood Bags, 2018/ 1 hr 23 min

There’s an intriguing villa in Italy that attracts thieves and sightseers. It’s not really open to the public but it’s easy to get into. It may be dilapidated but it’s not quite uninhabited. And who ever’s in there is dangerous.

When 2 students, one Italian, Petra (Marta Tananyan) and one, American, Tracey (Makenna Guyler), to take photographs for her blog, they are attacked by someone that kind of looks like a bloody mummy.

There’s also someone else in the house, an Italian man, Alex (Emanuele Turetta) who broke in with his partner the night before and was killed. Alex has been unable to escape the house and now, neither can Tracey. But she did contact police, even though she speaks no Italian.

While there are people in the mansion trying not to die, there are neighbors who know exactly what’s going on but are protecting this secret. This ends up being terrifying and sad once you understand what’s happening.

This is an Italian horror with both Italian and English audio. There are some jump scares and when this is bloody, it’s very bloody. Also there’s a moment I thought the movie was over but there was still another 30 minutes, it had the look, feel and twist of an ending.