Macabre...ish Horror Review: Blood Diner




Blood Diner, 1987/ 1 hr 28 min.



The radio warns that a maniac is loose in the area with a meat cleaver in one hand and his genitals in the other. Two boys, Georgie and Mikey, are home alone and the front door is hacked down and their uncle Anwar, covered in blood, enters, holding a cleaver. He's friendly to the boys and asked that they do not forget him. In the background, the police surround the house, he goes back outside and they open fire.



The grow up and dig up their uncle's grave. They plan to do a ritual to bring him back from the dead. They manage to animate his brain and eyes, keeping them in a jar, their uncle then gives them instructions from the jar. The ritual is meant to summon a goddess but it requires the death of women. So they plan this from their diner. They go to a nude aerobics class and shoot everyone in the room because the goddess they're summoning must be a composite of many different women.


Also at their diner, people come for health food, vegetarian dishes but not only are they putting meat in them but human flesh. They're food is a hit and they're diner is more popular than ever. The brothers are off their rockers but it seems to be normal for them. The town police seem clueless about the murders except one but her theories sound crazy.



This movie is a horror comedy. It’s wacky, bloody and gory. Adult scenes and lots of nudity. Many of the lines are ridiculous and hilarious, not to mention some people's voices sound cartoonish. The entire thing has very cartoonish qualities. And as of this posting it is on Hulu.