Macabre…ish Horror Review: Blood Glacier

Blood Glacier, 2013/ 1 hr 38 min


In the Austrian Alps scientists arrive at the research facility to study global warming. Janek (Gerhard Liebmann) is a loner who prefers to work and live alone with his dog. He barely gets along with the other three scientists (Harald (Felix Römer), Falk (Peter Knaack), Birte (Hille Beseler) but he’s been there the longest, 5 years, a stunningly long time, given the remote location.


One day the dog, Tinnitus or Tinni (Santos), starts alerting to some danger, always out of view. And during a hike, one day, they find it. Upon closer inspection, Tinni finds, presumably, a rabid fox, dying but infected or impregnated by…something. And he is attacked by the fox or whatever came out of it.


The glacier in the area is covered with red organic material that the scientists can’t identity. Meanwhile, a new group of scientists are being dropped off soon. But certain members of the team don’t want to alert the in coming group to the incident with the fox. Among the new group is someone Janek knows, Tanja (Edita Malovcic). His ex.


That night, Janek, wakes to the sound of something rummaging in an out building. It looked like a giant mammal with a beetle’s face. But the other scientists don’t believe it’s that serious. But Janek alerts Tanja anyway.


The scientists discover the red stuff is having a strange effect on the local wild life. It turns out it penetrates a body for food, roots into the stomach, changes the DNA of the creature and binds with whatever contents are in the stomach. That amalgamation of genetics forms another creature that bursts from the original host’s abdomen. And attacks anyone or anything that’s around.


During a necropsy of a newly found creature that was discovered when Yanek urinated on it. It looks like a giant, alien roly poly. Turns out it is a hybrid wood louse, beetle and fox. The fox consumed the wood louse in water and beetles, the organism created a new creature out of the raw materials.


Then, it bit Tinni, the dog, who’s been ill since it was injured and his stomach looks bad. Yanek needs to euthanize his old friend to save the humans but is talked out of it by Tanja.


The rest of the team wants to keep this discovery quiet but Yanek disagrees and it causes a fight.


In the mean time, there are more and more dangerous hybrids around attacking people and animals. The new team coming in is being hunted by a giant bird hybrid and one member has already been bitten by a hybrid mosquito and is ill. Before they get to base camp, one of them will be dead.


Soon the entire facility will be under attack. The danger is inside, outside and inside some people. Insects and animal hybrids. They need help but help arriving might be the worse thing that could happen.