Macabre…ish Horror Review: Blood Red Sky



Blood Red Sky, 2021/ 2 hr 3 min

Terrorists hijack a plane full of people and on that plane is a very ill woman, Nadja (Peri Baumeister) with a secret and her son, Elias (Carl Anton Koch). Elias makes friends with Farid (Kais Setti), a Physicist, who is also going to America. And they will be on the same plane.

The hijackers take control of the plane, locate and neutralize all law enforcement and terrorizing the passengers. One of them is a loose cannon and enjoys killing, he shoots Elias’ mother, Nadja, and she should be dead.

The reason she is not is because when Elias was an infant, she and her husband were attacked by something. Nadja and Elias survived but her husband did not. Ever since then she has been searching for a cure and meanwhile she is on a strict medication regimen in order to keep her symptoms under control.

Meanwhile, these terrorists have a plan to set up the passengers and get away with this crime. But Nadja has a plan that could work but pure dumb bad luck thwarts them. She’ll have to do exactly what she doesn’t want to do to have any chance of success.

But as she protects the passengers, they are terrified of her. And while absolute chaos ensues onboard, an aerospace engineering student is trying to fly the plane to safety and it is quickly running out of fuel.

This was good! It is also graphic and bloody. Lots of kill scenes. (Also dog deaths) Very nice monster effects and acting! Good pacing once the violence starts and good story. Plus the kid was great! This is a German movie but the English dubbing is good. Well done!