Macabre...ish Horror Review: Blood Sucking Bastards



Blood Sucking Bastards, 2015/ 1 hr 28 min

One day the boss arrives at the office to announce that he has a million dollar sales goal for next month. Since many of the employees are slackers and spend most of their work day, gaming, they are definitely not looking forward to it. And the boss says if they do not succeed, then they will be killed.

On top of that, the most senior of them was expecting to be promoted to sales manager and the office slackers are devastated by their bad luck.

Meanwhile, office workers are being attacked and some have become strange and aggressive, very unlike themselves.

And only one employee has seen the aftermath of these attacks but no one believes him...for a while.

Except, there’s a plot twist and it seems this might have been a corporate take over in more ways than one.

This movie is a horror comedy that has the feel of Netherbeast or Extract but with horror. If you liked those or Cabin in the Woods, you may like this especially since Franz Kranz is in it! This is bloody and gory, the physical effects are good! The transformations are good and often hilarious. Also in this are Joey Kern, Joel Murray, Pedro Pascal and Emma Fitzpatrick. This was a fun watch!