Macabre…ish Horror Review: Blood, Sweat and Terrors



Blood, Sweat and Terrors, 2018/ 1 hr 38 min



Empire of Dirt


A man enters a parlor, gun blazing, cutting down the patrons. Behind him is a nearly nude young woman, obviously deceased with a Y incision. As he clears the place he happens upon a strange couple, a man wearing someone else’s face and a hairless woman. The man is somehow indebted to them and paying some kind of penance for past misdeeds.


He discovers the man isn’t a man at all when he unmasks as some kind of creature, he shoots himself, the suicide isn’t a fail but he is informed he is being kept alive to suffer his torment. As long as so much as a finger tip remains in tact, he will remain alive and aware, forever.


Awesome Runaway (French)


A man is being roughed up and after being injected with something, he escapes, but after being attacked he vomits in the man’s face and his skin melts off. He seems faster and stronger.


The man manages to fight and escape the rest of the group and ends up on stage in an empty theatre. A man is in the audience playing a clarinet, he aggressively charges on stage and then it really gets strange. This is is not quite what it appears.


Jacob’s Wrath


A man is looking for Jeremy Dawson, in an apocalyptic waste land and he’s not quite all there. His perception goes make and forth between his reality and an alternate one. He seems to be in mourning. And this seems like some kind of torment or limbo.


He keeps fighting and killing people but it’s never enough. Then the alternate version of him, also kills the man who wronged him.




A man, Swifty, is in the trunk of a car, to be delivered by a man known as The Postman. He looks rough and sounds harmless but not so much. Even tied up, he’s dangerous. When he is let out, how dangerous, is obvious. But they both are. Still this isn’t quite what it seems.


Get Some


A documentary crew with an adventurer goes out into the wild after a viral pandemic to kill the infected for entertainment finally meet their match when they start losing crew members.




A young woman finds the man who forced her to decide which one of her parents should live and killed the other in front of her. She gives him the same choice.


These are just a few of the many shorts in this anthology. Nice international mix, not to mention a good mix of different kinds of stories of good quality. Cast includes Ed Speleers, John Hannah and a lot more. This one of the best anthologies I’ve watched in a while and it’s not strictly horror, there are some thrillers and crime drama! Expect a lot of violence, fight scenes and blood. And many of these feature some kick ass women!