Macabre…ish Horror Review: Bloody Birthday



Bloody Birthday, 1981/ 1 hr 25 min


A teen couple is killed in the local grave yard and the only clue is a jump rope handle. After that, the bodies begin to pile up and everyone is a potential victim. At first the deaths are accepted as accidents.

But one boy survives and escapes after being locked inside a refrigerator in the junk yard by some kids. They plan and target their victims, laying in wait and keep a scrap book of their kills. All of the deaths are different and some of the victims are their own family members. They’ll even stage the scene and hide bodies.

There is something going on with these murderers, they were not always like this and in fact it only started when the astronomical phenomena started that only happens every 33 years. In fact, this murderous trio were all born on the same night within minutes of each other. And their birthday just so happens to fall during this cycle.

But they have a real problem, some of their victims have survived and they either have to try again or frame them.

This slasher is very nostalgic. It’s not very gory and not too bloody, especially for a slasher but it is still pretty graphic. The pacing if the movie is good, not heavy on the effects but they didn’t need much. And Billy Jayne from Just One of the Guys and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, is in this one! Enjoy!

There is also nudity and adult scenes.