Macabre...ish Horror Review: Bloody New Year



Bloody New Year aka Time Warp Terror, 1987/ 93 min


In 1959 a group of people disappear after celebrating at the Grand Island Hotel, on New Years Eve.

Decades later, a group of teenagers end up stranded on the Grand Island after running from hooligans at the carnival. They fled by boat, it takes on water and ran aground on the island. They miss a danger sign, warning them to stay out. Not to mention, someone appears to be watching them. Soon they discover the deserted Grand Island Hotel and the lobby is decorated with Christmas and New Year’s decorations though it is July.

Eerie but of course they immediately get comfortable. They light the fireplace, drink, take baths and go through the place. Immediately weird things begin to happen and they start to see people who are not there.

The apparition of a maid hands one of them a towel and a few more are on stage, performing before vanishing before their eyes. Fireworks ignite and go off by themselves and a movie is playing in the empty theatre but some of them think it’s an elaborate prank until Spud is killed by a a man that comes out of the movie on screen.

They find another building on the property that is just as active, if not more. People are really being injured and dying.

Whatever is going on, is no prank. And as expected, they split up. Eventually those surviving find out what is going on here and it is bad news.

This flick is a little eerie but I found many of the effects and the score, funny. There are some jump scares but this is barely scary. It is strange at times and creepy but I find it hard to call this bloody or even horror, until the end. Then it evolves into Evil Dead/House style horror antics.

This will be good for someone who really has very little tolerance for horror. I will say, I was usually surprised by what would happen next and there were some very good moments!