Macabre…ish Horror Review: Blue My Mind


Blue My Mind, 2018/ 1 hr 37 min


A teenager, Mia, is struggling, not just with school but with out of the norm, things. Like physical changes to her her body, she finds her toes starting to web one day. When talking to a doctor about fixing it, she’s told it’s a birth defect, even though it just started the day before.


She then starts looking through family photos and questioning her mother but gets nowhere.

Mia then shoplifts makeup and first aid supplies to hide the changes and cut the webbing on her feet. Mia becomes a voracious carnivore and spends a lot of time with the wrong crowd.


And whatever’s wrong with her is starting to speed up. Her legs are in pain and totally covered in bruises and one morning she wakes up to skin sloughing off of her body. Her new favorite snack is eating her parent’s fish straight from the aquarium.


During another night of partying with her friends, Mia discovers she’s grown gills and her legs are still sloughing and it’s bad. So bad that it makes one of her friends vomit and a boy she was making out and the rest of the party goers are horrified. So she runs home, alone.


After passing out at home, Mia wakes up with a tail. And so she crawls to the tub and turns on the water, flooding the house. After she feels better she calls a friend, who comes and lugs her to her truck and drives her to the beach. They sit together for a while and Mia takes the tide into the sea.



This Swiss film by Lisa Brühlmann is not in English but German and Schwyzerdütsch, it is not horror but like a coming of age fantasy drama. It’s very good, paced pretty well, good cinematography and color grading! I wish we got a little more story about how she came to be with her family. But the movie is well done. Be aware that there are kids in this watching graphic porn and we the viewer can also see