Macabre...ish Horror Review: Body Bags


Body Bags, 1993/ 91 min. A horror comedy anthology hosted by a coroner, all stories are based on the cadavers he’s working on.



The Gas Station is about an escaped killer who is on the loose in the area. Anne, a new hire at a gas station, for the night shift, is warned to keep an eye out and not leave her booth, which is self locking. When she finally does venture out, she discovers the person who warned her is the killer, not an employee. And he’s been killing passers by all evening.



Hair. A middle aged business man who is self conscious about his thinning hair and obsessed with growing it back. He visits Dr. Lock after seeing a commercial, after the procedure is done, he unwraps the bandage to reveal long, flowing hair. After a while, though, his health begins to suffer and hair is growing out of places it shouldn’t, like his mouth. When he cuts it, it screams and after examining it under a magnifying glass, it is revealed to not be hair at all. But a plan by aliens to populate the Earth while using humans for food.



Eye. A baseball player gouges his eye out in a car accident and in an attempt to save his career, he undergoes an eye transplant procedure. The donor is a death row, serial killer and necrophile. Afterward, he sees things no one else can see and has disturbing dreams about killing women and having sex with their corpses. He soon believes the spirit of the killer is trying to take over his body so that it can kill again. When the killer takes control of his body and attacks his wife, he makes the decision to remove the eye. With gardening shears. And the link is severed.


Great anthology! The worst thing about this is there’s only 3 episodes. It’s creepy, graphic and at some points, brutal. With a little 90s nostalgia. 

Along the same vein as Creepshow is Twilight Zone the movie, Tales from the Crypt and Cat’s Eye! I’ll make sure they’re all linked so their easy to watch. Enjoy!!






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