Macabre...ish Horror Review: Body Melt


Body Melt, 1993/ 81 min.



This is an Australian satire horror and we’re warned right off, because this movie is brought to us by Dumb Films and opens with an ‘infomercial’ for a spa. Quickly followed by naked people injecting glowing drugs!!



Residents of a Melbourne suburb are secret test subjects of a new variety of health supplement, Vimuville. Free samples arrive, free, in all residences mailboxes. The pill is supplement is supposed to create the ultimate healthy human but have horrific side effects, beginning with hallucinations and glandular problems to explosions. And on the same day, a person under the effects of the supplement and decaying rapidly, attempts to warn the town’s people but arrives to late.



And all over town people are experiencing these side effects. Meanwhile, there’s a seemingly random, cannibalistic family that a couple residences contend with.



That turns out to be, not so random. And once the effects of the supplements run their course, the outcome is always a disturbing death. From exploding heads, stomachs and penis to sentient placenta and mucous. Turns out, that spa is located on an old chemical dump and the supplement is missing a necessary ingredient to keep the body from going out of control.



Expect nudity, adult scenes and language. Graphic, gory and general yuck factor overall. The effects are crazy over the top, if you’re a gore fan, this might be right up your alley.



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