Macabre…ish Horror Review: Books of Blood



Books of Blood, 2020/ 1 hr 47 min


A bookseller is killed by someone hoping to profit from a valuable book called Book of Blood..


A traumatized girl, who is hypersensitive to stimuli, cannot cope with her family and vice versa so they are sending her away but she runs before they get the chance. And she books a room in a B&B run by a friendly enough couple but something is wrong with them and their house.


An author, professor and mother discuss her book and the loss of her son. A man named Simon McNeal who says he speaks for the dead and claims her son, Miles, sent him. And since she is a skeptic and outs frauds in his field, she will be a hard sell. But he convinces her and the dead are not happy.


The men who killed the librarian are in their own hell when their car stalls in an abandoned, dilapidated side of town. The only house with lights, is pristine and  different than all the others, so of course, that is where the book lies.


This anthology has a great format with 3 good stories, all interwoven, very well done and based on the book by Clive Barker, Books of Blood! It is graphic and gory with some adult scenes. The effects are good and disturbing. Well done!