Macabre...ish Horror Review: Boy Eats Girl




 Boy Eats Girl, 2005/ 80 min.




Nathan has a crush on his friend, Jessica, when he finally gets up the nerve to tell her, he writes her a letter and leaves it for her. But is devastated by a misunderstanding when he sees her with Kenneth, and Kenneth sleeps with everyone. Assumptions were made and Nathan goes home to drink away his sorrows and hangs himself from his bedroom door and dies accidentally when his mom bursts in.


When she notices he’s dead, she returns to the church, where earlier in the day she sees a book of Voodoo ritual in the Crypt. She retrieves the book to bring her son back to life.


She is successful but something is off about Nathan. He now has this insatiable hunger. And after going to the school dance and being jumped by a bully, he bites into his face and just like that the zombie plague spreads through town like wildfire. Nathan has to get to Jessica to warn her and his mom has to reverse the ritual and save the town.



This is an Irish zombie film and it’s a horror comedy. It’s a fun horror! This is pretty bloody and gory and the kills are over the top. The transformation is minimal and the Voodoo/Zombie resurrection trope seems very out of place but it doesn’t ruin the movie. Adult scenes and suicide warning.








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