Macabre…ish Horror Review: Brand New Cherry Flavor

So I’m watching this series and just posted this on IG…

I really do stand by this comment, she show is wild! But of course here’s my real chronological and less crass summary.


Brand New Cherry Flavor, 2021


A filmmaker, Lisa Nova (Rosa Salazar), goes to Hollywood for a meeting, Lou Burke (Eric Lange) saw her short and is interested in a feature film. And she gets a deal, he wants to option her short, she gets to direct and he gives her a deposit right away.

Lou hasn’t had a hit since 1986 and he needs this probably more than Lisa wants it. And so they head to a party to make their pitch to Alvin but before they go in, Lou makes his move on her.

She then meets a strange woman, Boro (Catherine Keener), who offers her services to Lisa. For her, she says, she could hurt someone. And before she leaves, she says ‘When you come, bring my cat.’

So Lou makes the deal and screws Lisa over, a few times and then attacks her. And so she takes Boro up on her offer but it’s gonna cost her.

To be continued…