Macabre…ish Horror Review: Break



Break aka Breakaway, 2019/ 1 hr 25 min

Friends decide to ring in the New Year from the mountain tops in the Urals! All they have to do is climb a mountain, hauling their gear and dragging a Christmas tree up to the lift depot.

They pay their way onto a cable car, off hours to film their count down on on top of the mountain, just before a Winter storm and almost immediately, there are problems. One of them misplaces a bag and stays behind.

Then they lose power on the ascent and almost lose a friend as he opens the door to relieve himself. The cable car stops for a final time when a catastrophic incident happens with the operator. They make the best of it when the clock strikes midnight, in the cable car.

By dawn, they haven’t moved and they are freezing. And they realize no one is looking for them and there’s no reception. On the ground, they other lift operators barely realize anything is wrong until it’s all but too late. The one guy who was left behind leaps to conclusions about why his girlfriend hasn’t returned and heads back out of town. And so desperate times calls for desperate measures and everything that could go wrong, does.

Attempts to escape and a rage-a-holic cause a domino effect of catastrophes that lead to people’s deaths.

This Russian movie was maddening and good! Lots of simple things happen that could have avoided all of this that made this flick hard to watch. But the story and pacing was good and kept me interested. This is a thriller and if you liked Frozen, you might like this!

P.S. Russian audio, English subtitles