Macabre...ish Horror Review: Bunnyman Vengeance

Bunnyman Vengeance, 2017/ 1 hr 31 min


The beginning of this movie begins with a flashback of a kid being set on fire then being put out by another kid. This kid endured relentless bullying and he’s filled with rage. And the the bus stop bait happens again but this time the outcome is different.

Bunnyman is killing with a whole other group of people, one of the group is the kid who saved him, all grown up and mentally disabled, still a child.

Bunnyman is also known by his real name in this group, Michael, but he is christened, Bunnyman, by the leader. Meanwhile, he still struggles with flashbacks of his past, including kills.

And then we come to what is actually happening hear and as harmless as it actually is, it disturbed me because I somehow missed the obviousness of it.

This movie feels like a prequel but isn’t, it’s meant to be sequential to the last two. I was also surprised that the main characters were black (other than Bunnyman). There is more imaginative kills and torture in this one, though not as many victims and the physical effects are ok but the heavy reliance on cg kept taking me out of the movie. I really appreciated that there is more backstory and more humanization of Bunnyman and not just another mindless killing story.

P.S. This felt much longer than it actually was and there’s little weird music video in this movie that definitely tripped me out.