Macabre...ish Horror Review: Butchers



Butchers, 2021/ 1 hr 32 min


When a car breaks down and they are attacked by locals, they discover a long held secret and tragedy in the area, outsiders who travel through, especially if there are women among them, disappear. And they are about to find out where they disappear too, what happens there and a trail of polaroids. Someone’s been watching them.

Brothers, have a garage that is really a trap for stranded commuters and a rural property, here people are tortured, often to death. If you run, the punishment it death for sure. When you die, you’re cut up and fed to Ox. These men, they also want offspring. Also, in captivity, is a heavily pregnant, tongueless woman who lives in a dog kennel.

This is obviously a family legacy that’s been going on a long time. And there’s a power struggle and family rift brewing. Which only makes it more dangerous for the victims.

This movie was brutal and tough to get through. It’s violent, graphic, bloody, gory and at times torturous. Not knowing where it’s headed made it worse and it’s just bleak. Oh and the physical effects are good too. You’ll have to really pay attention to this one to keep from getting lost.