Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cabin By The Lake


Cabin By The Lake, 2000/ 91 min.


Stanley Caldwell (Judd Nelson) is a playright and he has a terrible way he does research for his script, Garden of Flesh. Kidnapping, murdering and staging the women in Summit Lake. Where there just happens to be a movie colony.



And inside his house, is outfitted with hidden quarters for his captives. He’s hilariously very honest about his process, except no one believes him. He’s a likable, ‘good guy’, not serial killer like at all!



There’s also a looming deadline and his agent is hounding him about his latest project. All the while, local women are going missing. Meanwhile, his movie’s is in production.


But his last kidnap victim was a huge mistake, she just wouldn’t die. And he becomes intrigued by her.


This by the producer of I Know What You Did Last Summer is more of a thriller. It kind of picks up later into the movie and into the sequel.


It’s not very graphic but it is creepy, one of those somewhat ridiculous teen ‘slasher’ flicks, I kind of consider this a palate cleanser. So it’s perfect if you don’t have much stomach for horror. Also I really enjoyed Judd Nelson’s character! And if you’re a Tony DiNozzo fan, Michael Weatherly is in this one. Enjoy!






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