Macabre...ish Horror Review: Camp Dread



Y’all know I have a weakness for low budget (and sometimes bad) horror and found this and gave is a shot because I saw Danielle Harris and Eric Roberts on the cover...


Camp Dread, 2014/ 94 min.



Begins with some ‘audition interviews’ for a reality show. It looks like Julian Barrett’s (Eric Robert) looking to make his directorial comeback in the reality tv arena, after being known for his popular horror trilogy, Summer Camp, in the 80s. His show is meant to be a remake and template of his popular franchise, so he returns to the same location where he filmed his prior slasher flicks and looks up his former friend, Donlyn (Danielle Harris) who is now this little town’s sheriff. And she brings with her, her disdain for horror movies and Barrett.



He’s set up the site himself because this project has no funding and almost no crew and awaits the ‘contestants’ who are, in reality, troubled and some dangerous young adults who believe they’re arriving at an outreach camp, who do not know that this is a reality show. They are enlightened that this is a show upon arrival, the counselors will be actors from his films and that the winner will receive a million dollars. The only way out of the camp is elimination but if they do not all agree and if anyone forfeits then no one wins the money.



So the campers have to get to work readying the camp and doing chores, tasks and challenges, during which, they are safe and have the opportunity to win immunity.


Also, there is no privacy here, anything goes and no doctor/patient privilege and some people in town, crew and campers find this to be immoral and abusive. But the show goes on. Meanwhile there is a murderer on the loose and people are being eliminated all right and not just campers.




There’s nudity, adult scenes and adult language. This movie is made in the vein of old horror movies, when the kills happen, it’s often with the killer POV. We can see the hands, or their back but not their face and the kills are very different. Very like Sleepaway Camp. Cinematography and effects aren’t great and the quality changes a lot throughout the movie. As does the acting skill of the cast. At times it looked like a different movie altogether.


I think this kind of movie is for people who want to watch horror and/or a slasher film but doesn’t want to be too scared. Because the quality is distracting enough to keep taking the viewer out of the film.


It was a pretty good concept and story though. Good twists and ending. Nicely done.


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