Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cannibal



Cannibal, 2013/ 1 hr 57 min


Carlos is a mild mannered tailor and he lives a double life as a serial killer. He stalks his victims, terrorizes them, incapacitates them and takes them to his cozy cabin in the mountains. Which is only used to butcher and package them up, bound for his freezer. And he consumes nothing but women’s flesh with a glass of wine.


The story begins with him following a couple from a gas station, running them off of the road, then dragging the injured woman from the vehicle and putting her in his car. And he heads to the cabin.


He is soon intrigued by a next door neighbor, Alexandra. She, very quickly, gets comfortable with him and over steps his boundaries. She soon goes missing and her sister, Nina, shows up, looking for her. And Carlos really likes this sister!


He offers to help anyway he can, he even invites her to his cabin.



This is a Spanish/Romanian movie and for a cannibal serial killer movie, it’s not particularly graphic or gory and there are really no kill effects, though there is nudity. This could easily just be a love story with a couple deaths in it. I wouldn’t call it horror and it’s not scary though there is some suspense. I was just uneasy, at most. This movie’s audio is Spanish and Romanian but has English subtitles.