Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cannibal Farm



Cannibal Farm, 2018/ 1 hr 48 min.



A dysfunctional English family goes on vacation to bond and end up on a farm seeking help from someone lurking at their camp and wreaking havoc. The farm is not what they expect and suddenly they are in much more danger.


The man who owns the farm is insane and tells them a bunch of crazy stories of how this all came to be. The family ends up in cages but it’s not all that it appears and neither is a member of the captive family. Someone was paid to bring the family here and handsomely, by the pound. This family is prime, pillars of the community, instead of the homeless dregs, they typically get.


But there is a last minute double cross that finds the double cross in his own cage, due for slaughter. Some cages are electrified and we find out pretty quickly just what happens when someone breaks out of his cage and his hands are obliterated down to exposed arm bones.


Now all that’s left is for the remainder of the family to try and escape, unfortunately missteps cost more lives. This is a slow, wild ride with some crazy twists.


This flick stalls out a few times but the story is intriguing though a little convoluted and disjointed. It alternated between heavy and ridiculous but it inspire curiosity because I needed to see where it was headed. And I have to say I was not disappointed. It was graphic and gory, the effects were pretty good too.