Macabre…ish Horror Review: Captive State



Captive State, 2019/ 1 hr 50 min


By the time people try to flee the city, it’s already too late. The aliens, called Roaches, are not eradicating the human population, at least not entirely but they are controlling the population in partnership with our government. The aliens aren’t being hunted, resisting humans are. The resistance started immediately and now they are the enemy. Hunted by all, aliens and humans.

Gabriel (Ashton Sanders), who’s brother, Rafe (Jonathan Majors) was a hero, led the resistance until his disappearance and presumed death. Everyone is implanted with a tracking device in their necks. You are either a part of the resistance or you’re a narc, everyone picks a side.

The resistance has a plan and with the help of journalist, John Rittenhouse (Alan Ruck) they plan to send a message to the entire world that the Roaches can be beaten. This is an intricate game with a lot of pieces and players, so pay attention.

This movie is more about the resistance than the alien invasion. It is nonstop and kind of has that Terminator feel (Sarah Connor trying to save the future feel). It’s heavy and sad but not scary. And feels like a sequel.

It has a great cast, including those already mentioned, John Goodman, Kevin J. O’Connor, Colson Baker (MGK), D.B Sweeney, Vera Farmiga and Kevin Dunn etc.