Macabre...ish Horror Review: Captivity


Captivity, 2007/ 85 min. This movie starts with a bang and opens with a man dying, then being bludgeoned with a sledge hammer, during the opening credits. 


A model, Jennifer Tree, is drugged at a club and kidnapped. She then wakes up in a bed and at first glance, in a tropical paradise but upon closer inspection, the view is a large monitor and the bedroom is sealed concrete and outfitted with her possessions. 


To control her, the room’s sprinkler system is used to pump gas into the space that knocks her out. This kidnapper likes to kidnap, torture and experiment on his victims. Part of the torture is psychological, he enjoys terrifying his captives with videos of his prior experiments. 


He’s been at this a long time, he’s thought of everything and controls everything, from sounds, lights, climate, even mind games to impact the victims next move. This is clearly a sick game he likes to play? The story becomes very intriguing as she discovers another potential captive in the next room. The entire place seems to be a maze of horror, traps remains. This is an enthralling story, had me hooked until the end...and what an ending. I didn’t expect the movie to unfold as it did and that’s always a plus!


This movie is violent, bloody, gory and graphic. It’s truly disgusting. The story, cinematography and effects are good! P. S. Jennifer has a dog and it does not end well for her pet. So be warned.


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