Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cargo




Cargo, 2017/ 1 hr 45 min



In their new apocalyptic existence, a family drifts in a house boat while trying to come up with a plan. Food is getting low and their infant daughter needs food.



Unfortunately, Andy’s (Martin Freeman) wife is bitten while scavenging a derelict boat, she has 48 hours before she changes, less if she bleeds out from her wound.



Meanwhile, a young aborigine girl, Thoomi (Simone Landers), lives among zombies, once family. She hopes to find The Clever Man with the hope of returning their spirits to their bodies.


As for Andy, the worst possible thing happens and he must get his infant daughter to safety and while traveling the outback on foot. He arrives to the nearest town, with a hospital, it’s a ghost town but a few people still exist there, offering aid.


He connects with a man, Vic, with a safe place but it’s not quite what it seems. This man is terrible. He has an idea of being a wealthy man when the world is normal again. He robs zombies (Rob Zombie 😆) of their valuables and kidnaps aborigines for bait. As well as collecting people looking for a safe place, trading whatever they have to offer for shelter.


There are not many people in this post apocalyptic Australian movie, zombies either, but what there is, is very well done. This movie is really sad more than scary. The effects and zombies are very well done, very graphic and the landscape is beautiful.