Macabre...ish Horror Review: Castle Rock



Castle Rock, 2018/ Season 1-10 episodes

A psychological horror anthology based on Stephen King’s universe and created with JJ Abrams.



With the intricate story telling and intertwining of new and recognizable characters and story arcs, beloved by fans, in Castle Rock, Maine. Beginning with Sheriff Pangborn finding a missing child and the suicide of a retiring warden from Shawshank Penitentiary.



Meanwhile an old, long abandoned cell block is being reopened do to overpopulation. During inspection of the block a long buried secret is found. But answers only leads to more questions.



The child found by Sheriff Pangborn, 27 years before, is now death row attorney, Henry Deavers. He returns to Castle Rock after receiving an anonymous call. Nevertheless he has unfinished business there concerning his biological father and hopes to get answers. Upon his arrival Shawshank begins experiencing a guard shortage because they keep getting slaughtered.


This series is eerie and has a strong air of mystery that’s typical of a good Stephen King story. Paced well, you never quite know where the story is headed until you’re there. Plus there are plenty of flashbacks and a ton of Easter eggs. So if you’re a Stephen King fan, enjoy!! If not, watch it with a fan so they point out all that splendor! Because knowing the back story of everything only makes this show better.  Recognizable faces, good cast and effects. It’s also graphic when it gets bloody.


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