Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cat’s Eye



Cat’s Eye, 1985/ 94 mins.  The show opens with a St. Bernard chasing a cat to a Tobacco distribution company.



The cat ends up in the city after hitching a ride in the back of a truck. As he’s passing by a store, the ghost of a girl, trapped in a doll in a store window begs for its help. (And this ghost pops up between every vignette and begs the cat for help.) Finally ending at a clinic called Quitter’s Inc. for those trying to quit smoking. One man is filling out forms and one is crying, waiting for his wife to come out. 


Dick Morrison (James Woods) is called in for his consultation with Dr. Donatti (Alan King) at Quitter’s Inc. and his application is reviewed and the door is locked.



He surrenders his cigarettes. And he’s warned that the treatment is radical. The interviewer opens a curtain to show a cat in a room, music begins playing and the cat is zapped with electricity.



Dick is warned that he will be under constant supervision and if he smokes, they’ll know. And they’ll bring his wife in and stick her in the cat room and he can watch as they electrocute her. The second time, they’ll bring his daughter, Alicia (Drew Barrymore) in. The third offense, they’ll send someone to rape his wife. They keep a deranged individual around for those kinds of jobs. The fourth time, they give up and the interviewer shows him a gun. And that there’s only a 2% rate of failure. Dick makes it 6 months without cigarettes and has put on 8 lbs. There is a cap put on his weight and he’s warned that if he goes over, they’ll cut off his wife’s finger. Dick laughs it off as a joke but at a dinner later, another of the wives is missing her pinky.


The next vignette, is about a gambling man. A man cheating with a casino mogul’s wife is kidnapped off the street, after putting the woman on a bus. He’s beaten up and drugs planted in his car. He’s being set up. He’s hauled into his girl’s husband’s condo and forced out onto the ledge. The husband makes the boyfriend a wager, if he can walk around the entire building on the 5 inch wide ledge, if he makes it, he can have the money, the girl and a clean record.



If he doesn’t, he dies. If he chooses not to do it, he gets prison forever. And with nowhere else to go, husband gets his wife back, with nowhere else to go, she’ll have to return.



And in the end he wins! They both win...sort of..


Third vignette, Wilmington, NC, something tiny and heinous runs through the woods toward a family, it fixated on a little girl, Samantha (Drew Barrymore) and takes refuge in their house and is followed close behind by the cat.



She names the cat, General but he must sleep outside. There’s a fear that cat’s steal kids’ breath while they sleep.



But the other intruder is still in the house and he does steal breath.



General breaks into the house and saves Samantha. Attacking the little troll and killing him with a fan.


Ready to see it now, it’s here on itunes. Enjoy!!


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