Macabre…ish Horror Review: Centigrade



Centigrade, 2020/ 2 hr 7 min


A couple, Naomi (Genesis Rodriguez) and Matt (Vincent Piazza) wake up in their vehicle after pulling over during a road trip to a book signing because of dangerous weather. But they cannot see out of their windows or open the doors

because last night’s rain turned into snow and their vehicle is buried in snow.


They are also out of cell signal range and the wife is pregnant. And outside the storm rages on and very little of the car is visible under the snow. They quickly discover what they have…a candle, matches, blanket, almost no food, 2 bottles of water and no restroom.


Days pass and they have no idea what the conditions are outside. So they kill time by lashing out at each other. One day, they hear something outside that sounds like activity, then discover their car battery has died.


By day 9 they are arguing over whether or not to break a window. And even if they did get out, they are 30 miles away from their hotel…in Norway…and they would have to not get lost in the snow and pray there isn’t another blizzard before they get to civilization. If they get there.


And then a snow plow goes by, so close it knocks a side view mirror off. In their frustration, all their resentments about each other come pouring out and escalate to violence.


Soon it’s as if they’ve lived their entire lives in that car.



I have to be honest, you have to be in the mood for this movie, the first time I tried to watch it, months ago, I bailed 10 minutes into it. The second time was a success and the movie is good, great for the fact that it only had 2 people in most of the movie. It was paced well, realistic and based on a true story. It gets sadder as it goes on and is frankly pretty bleak, good but bleak.