Macabre…ish Horror Review: Charles

Charles, 2022/ 59 min 58 sec.


Charles (Shannon Ray Morris) is ill and dying, he has been cursed, his only hope is to find the man who knows how to perform the ritual to lift the curse and save his life. But that man won’t talk, no matter how much he’s threatened and tortured.


Charles does finally get the answer from his daughter but Charles is so power hungry, he feels invincible, even turning against his own people. Reminding them that he told them to never trust anyone, including him. While trying to steal the body of one of his henchmen, Eddie, it goes bad fast when he fights back and not only shoots Charles but executes Charles’ girl.


Her death unleashes a wraith that is definitely worse than the menace Charles was before. After everyone one is dead, an injured Charles runs off to find another man to transfer his spirit into before he succumbs.


Instead he finds a toy factory, he’s running out of time and we know what happens next…


•This is all before the credits


A couple, Michael (Tyler Falcoa) and Samantha (Silva Morgan), moves into their new place and in the basement is a good guy doll, still in the box. The first night in their new house and Michael gets the news that they’re going to have a baby.


But first, Charles Lee Ray is gonna get into Michael’s head. When Michael brings the doll upstairs and presents it to Sam and Chucky talks, she tells him that there were no Good Guys named Chucky. They brush it off as a special edition.


Later, Chucky attacks Sam and Michael is hauled into the police department and questioned as the number one suspect. After Michael unnerves the cops, they have to release him. One of the detectives barely makes it into his vehicle before Chucky climbs in behind him.


Michael returns home to clean up Sam’s blood and mourn. Then Chucky comes home. After a failed ritual, a cop knocks on the door to arrest Michael for murder but Chucky has lost patience.



This fan film is directed by Mitch Francis and Luis Serrano and tells a reimagining of Chucky. The pacing, score, cinematography and cast are all good with a great choice for Charles Lee Ray. The effects, specifically Chucky effects are good. Some of the kills are graphic. Nice culturally mixed cast. I really enjoyed this! Find the full movie on youtube.


P.S. The year later Good Guy Doll cracks me up lol