Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cherokee Creek



Cherokee Creek, 2018/ 1 hr 52 min


This movie starts with a kidnapping plot that ends up in the woods, hours away, among the group are film industry people and fans, who have the most awkward interaction ever.

The woods are supposed to be the last place anyone saw big foot. And as they hang out drinking and eating brownies, they’re starting to freak each other out. Just in time for some guests to arrive.

It’s not long before a pile of body parts break up the party. People begin to disappear but it still might be ok because it could all be a prank! It doesn’t get serious until someone’s testicles get ripped off.

A search for phones and keys to get help and get the hell out of there, ends as badly as you can imagine and includes flat tires and bear traps.

This is an indie horror and perfect to watch with your buddies who like buckets of bodily fluids, gore and full frontals!

There’s a lot of adult and toilet humor in this one, plus nudity and adult scenes. There is a lot of dialogue but listen to it, it’s kind of funny, awkward and funny.

The physical effects are pretty good and a nod to the 80s. Note that there is a good wait between the first and second kill but it’s totally worth waiting for, I have never seen such a gory big foot movie before. This is crass and gross but very entertaining!

The director, Todd Jenkins and actor, Billy Blair and I had a chat about the making of this movie and how the two of them met.