Macabre...ish Horror Review: Child’s Play


Child’s Play, 1988/ 87 min.  Charles Lee Ray flees from police into a toy store and escapes by putting his spirit into a Good Guy doll with the help of a voodoo incantation. When the store catches fire after being struck by lightning, the doll is fished out of the wreckage by a homeless man who sells it to a lady who’s desperate for the doll for her son, Andy’s, birthday.


Charles, now Chucky, confides in Andy and with his help, finds his foes and has his vengeance, as well as killing anyone who gets in his way or discovers his secret. He discovers from his former spiritual teacher that in order to be human again, he must transfer his spirit into the first person he revealed his true identity too, which is 6 year old Andy. But there’s a catch, it needs to happen soon or he will be trapped inside the toy forever.


Once Andy understands what’s happening and tries to convince...anyone. It’s a harrowing race to stay alive, hide Andy from Chucky and convince law enforcement that he nor his Mom, isn’t crazy or a murderer.


Eventually Chucky begins to bleed, time is  running out and he is shot (a lot), stabbed, burned to a crisp in a fireplace, with missing body parts he just keeps coming. 


Will he ever stop?




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