Macabre...ish Horror Review: Child’s Play



Child’s Play 2, 1990/ 84 min. A year after Chucky left a trail of bodies and destruction, including the Barclay’s and Detective Norris. The company that created The Good Guy Doll is bringing it back to prove there is no issue with the dolls. During production, a worker, reassembling Chucky (Brad Dourif) is electrocuted, the company covers it up, they’re ordered to destroy Chucky and keep on going. 


Meanwhile, Andy (Alex Vincent) has been in foster care since the murders and his mother, in a mental hospital after being pronounced insane for her continued support of ‘the Chucky story’. He’d adopted by Phil (Gerrit Graham) and Joanne (Jenny Agutter) Simpson, who’ve already adopted Kyle (Christine Elise McCarthy). Chucky finds Andy’s location and after arriving, suffocates the man who drove him there with a plastic bag. He enters the house and takes the place of another Good Guy Doll, named Tommy, who he destroys and buried in the yard.



After his attempt at possessing Andy’s body is thwarted by the Simpson’s, Chucky begins turning him again and follows Andy to school the next day. Andy ends up in detention and when he discovers Chucky beating his teacher



to death with a ruler, he escapes out a window. Meanwhile, Phil is ready to send him back to the center. He doesn’t believe Andy’s stories of Chucky. Later that night, Andy decided to take care of Chucky himself in the basement, but Phil goes down after hearing the noise and Chucky trips him, breaking his neck.


Joanne sends him back to the center, then Kyle discovers Tommy buried in the yard, understanding Andy was telling the truth. Upon searching for Joanne to tell her, she finds her dead, with her throat slit. Chucky then forces Kyle to drive him to Andy.




He kills the manager and takes Andy to make the soul transfer but he is too late.



He’s trapped in the dolls body, enraged he goes after Andy and Kyle to kill them. During the chase he kills a factory tech



and is finally horribly mutilated and half melted, when Kyle puts a pressure hose in his mouth and explodes his head.



This movie is a direct continuation of the first. Same premise plus Chucky kills every damn body, in every conceivable way. The effects were still good and it was still a good story with the same quality. 


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