Macabre…ish Horror Review: Chillerama



Chillerama, 2011/ 119 min.


This movie is a series of horror shorts from different golden eras of horrors, they are all parodies of the most popular sub genres and giving us such gems as:


Wadzilla- Set in the 1950s, a man, Miles, who tries to increase the strength of his sperm with an experimental drug, only to increase his sperm size and blast it out in his date’s bathroom. Per his doctor’s (Ray Wise) orders. When he finally captures it in the toilet, it has grown in size and now has teeth. It escapes and not only attacks his date but escapes into the town, terrorizing the towns people. Eating and growing in size.


I Was A Teenage Werebear - A musical set in the 60s includes a teen couple struggling to think about the future. And the guy, Ricky is obviously not interested in girls. During their song she gets hit by a car and Ricky is pulled to safety by the guy he likes. During Ricky’s wrestling meet, the guy grows fangs and bites his butt. And later when his coach volunteers to go down on him, Ricky squeezes his head with his knees until it explodes. And it only gets worse from there.


The Diary of Anne Frankenstein - Anne and family when a wall is blown out and Hitler (Joel David Moore) comes in demanding the journal of Frankenstein. Then kills the family. With the info in the journal he plans to build a war ‘machine’ with turns out to be a ‘Rabbi’ monster called Meshugannah (Kane Hodder)


Deathication - Is about poop. This movie is supposed to cause the viewer to have violent diarrhea for days. There’s just so much poop in this but it’s not a full episode.

These segments are framed by a drunk drive-in theatre worker who digs up his deceased wife and after attempting oral sex on her remains, he is mauled…because she’s a zombie. So between each short we see him change slowly into a strange sexual zombie while he’s at work being the world’s worst employee. And his behavior creates more creep zombies until most of the guests have been infected.


This is erotic and dark horror and quite a bit of it is comedically graphic. The effects are bad but of the times and intentionally so and is part of the comedy, most of which is dark. Expect overt and covert adult scenes and nudity, lots of blood, gore and other bodily fluids and solids. There are also quite a few moments of grotesque brutality. Also one the cast is Eric Roberts and Richard Riehle. This was a wild and grotesque ride!