Macabre...ish Horror Review: Chilling Visions: 5 Senses of Fear



Chilling Visions: Senses of Fear, 2013. An anthology of horror based on the 5 senses. The first is..


Smell, a depressed, recently single man who hates his job stops taking care of himself. One day a salesperson knocks on his door and offers him an amazing cologne that she promises will change his life. With one caveat, don’t use too much because there are side effects. Work soon gets a lot better and so does his love life. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very careful and the sheer horror of the effects soon follow.


Sight. An optometrist can see through the eyes of others. It starts out being fun then one of his patients is an abuse victim and her boyfriend hid her abuser. The doctor tried to intervene by using his ability to make the boyfriend experience horrific visions but that backfires in an unexpected and terrible way.


Touch. A blind boy goes searching for help after his parents are in an accident and discovers a serial killers lair. Once he realizes what he’s discovered and that he’s been seen and now hunted, he has to outmaneuver a killer with an aversion to being touched.


Taste. A hacker arrives as a corporate building for an interview with a notoriously private employer, and has no idea what the offer is. He gets hints from others in the organization that he has not choice and to refuse the offer is also not an option but he doesn’t listen and he pays dearly for refusing. One torturous bite at a time.


Listen. A found footage short about men who are making a movie about a song, Listen, My Children. This song has the unique ability to kill all who hear it. They find footage of a doctor using it and conducting experiments. This was as much a mistake as you can imagine.



This is a wild and intense series. Unexpected, creepy and pretty good. Episodes with gore are really gory, interesting concepts and stories. Enjoy!


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