Macabre...ish Horror Review: Chopping Mall



Chopping Mall, 1986/ 76 min (original release 96 min)


Park Plaza Mall has a brand new security system! Complete with state of the art shutters and robots!! The robots are programmed to apprehend and immobilize thieves with tasers and tranquilizer guns.





On the night a storm strikes the building and damages the system, controlling the robots, 3 (plus their partners) employees decide to hang out and party, overnight at the furniture store where they work. Other than them, there are technicians and janitors, who are quickly killed by the robots as they make their rounds. One of the couples, upon leaving the furniture store, are killed and the other’s break into a sporting goods and automotive store to arm themselves after the robots destroy the store, trying to kill them.






Robots that only had the capability of stunning and tasing are now lethal and can now execute, electrocute, explode,





One by one they’re killed and those left decide to destroy the main control center to shut down the other robots.





The effects aren’t great in this movie and we get more of a hint of the kill than a graphic version of it. Also, everyone who dies, does so in a different way, no kill is repeated. And for as much death as there is, it’s not particularly bloody or gory. But there are lasers, guns, explosions, fires, electricity and assault. This movie has everything.


There’s also nudity and adult scenes and shameless 80s promotions! Also, lots of screaming in this one. Plus, it was good to see a mall again!!




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