Macabre...ish Horror Review: Christmas Presence



Christmas Presence (Why Hide) , 2018/ 85 min.



A group of old friends plan a weekend holiday trip in a rental out in the country, to catch up. And they are an eclectic bunch! After a very festive evening of entertaining and drinking. They start to notice something lurking.


Soon one of them goes missing and it sparks the conversation of another missing person in the area. And while they search, vehicles are being vandalized, phone’s not working.


Weird, scary stuff is happening. The stress of the situation makes it much worse and the group begins to fight and mistrust each other. One is traumatized and becoming irrationally dangerous. And the house is becoming very active.


I think this is perfect for people who can’t handle too much horror. There’s plenty of jump scares though once it gets going. There is some gore but this is no gore fest. And the effects are well done. The end...infuriating.