Macabre...ish Horror Review: Chucky 3




Chucky 3, 1991/ 90 min.



Eight years after Chucky’s second death, Good Guys is resuming operations, even in the same factory with Chucky’s melted mangled corpse was still inside. The factory is up and running and churning out new Good Guy Dolls! Unfortunately, Chucky’s blood is mixed into the new batch of plastic and Charles Lee Ray is resurrected. And given as a gift to the company CEO, who Chucky then kills with a bunch of toys.


And he’s off to find Andy. Sixteen year old Andy Barclay is now a student at Kent Military Academy. A package arrives for Andy and is to be delivered to his room by another student, Tyler, who, realizing it’s a Good Guy Doll, takes it to the basement and opens it. Chucky jumps out and tells Tyler his secret. Upon doing the ritual to possess Tyler’s body, they are interrupted and Chucky is tossed in a garbage truck.


But he escapes and lures the driver into the compactor and returns to the school to find Andy and Tyler. Now Andy has to stop Chucky from stealing Tyler’s body. Meanwhile, Chucky is causing havoc at the school between cadets, scared a man into having a heart attack and a barber who tries to cut his hair.


And as usual, no one believes Andy, including little Tyler, when Andy tells him Chucky is evil. And when War Games is still on the calendar, Chucky makes it more interesting and dangerous by changing out the paintballs and introducing live munitions.


This one is ok. For all the violence, I find it much more tame than the first. And speaking of the violence, it’s not too graphic. Usually Chucky’s death is the most graphic. But by now the story is stale, though I do enjoy a killer doll and kid story leads.