Macabre…ish Horror Review: Chucky Series





Chucky Series, 2022


Jake Wheeler (Zachary Arthur) buys a Good Guy Doll from a yard sale, intending to use it for a project but he changes his mind and intends to sell it. After receiving a response to his online post, he’s warned about what and who Chucky is.


After looking it up online and checking his battery compartment and finding it empty, Jake is spooked and throws Chucky in the trash.


But Chucky turns up later at the school talent show and forces Jake to take him on stage, where he proceeds to out a bully’s secrets with her cell phone he stole earlier. They’re both hauled off the stage after an expletive laced tirade.


When Jake returns home with Chucky, he’s assaulted by his alcoholic dad, Lucas, after confronting him about being an outcast.


Chucky (Brad Dourif) kills Lucas (Devon Sawa) with electricity when he vomits on the man’s feet while he’s flipping breakers in the fuse box. Jake witnesses the aftermath and is horrified.


His wealthy Aunt Bree (Lexa Doig) and Uncle Logan (Devon Sawa) take him in and his cousin, Junior.(Teo Briones), isn’t thrilled.


Now that Chucky has gotten rid of Jake’s dad, he’s ready to go after Lexy (Alivya Alyn Lind), Jake’s bully and his cousin’s girlfriend.


It’s Halloween and kids are treating him different at school and he was invited to a parent free Halloween party. He and Chucky.


Then there’s another freak accident, this time at the new house, the housekeeper, Annie looks like she took a dive on the kitchen knives. And no one else was home but Chucky.


When Chucky’s not killing, he spends his time trying to convince the local kids that killing is good. He’s slowing trying to indoctrinate Jake and Caroline, Lexy’s little sister.


There are also flashbacks of Charles Lee Ray as a child and his evolution to becoming a killer. Including witnessing his father’s murder.

By the end of the first season, foes become friends to team up against Chucky, including Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) who is the son of the lead detective in the murders, Kim Evans (Rachelle Casseus)


This is a sequel to the seventh movie in the Chucky franchise, the Cult of Chucky and it’s created by Don Mancini. The cast, pacing and story is good. Good physical effects and sometimes interesting CG choices. Charles Lee Ray is Fiona Dourif in the 1980s flashbacks. And there are good flashbacks in this series. Also Jennifer Tilly, Christine Elise and Alex Vincent is on the cast. Expect the series to be bloody and violent, most of the gore comes from Chucky though. It’s good so far!