Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cigarette Burns



Cigarette Burns, 2005/ 59 min. 


Kirby Sweetman (Norman Reedus), owner of a small theatre and dealer of rare cinema, must come up with $200,000 in a month, to pay a debt owning to his father in law. He’s hired by a cinephile, Mr. Bellinger (Udo Kier) to find the impossible, the only print of a rare 30 year old French film, La Fin Absolue du Monde(The Absolute End of the World).



Evidently after the viewing of the premier, it sparked a violent eruption in the theatre and was destroyed and has only been seen by one audience.



Bellinger shows Kirby his relics from the movie, a poster, some wings and a white man chained in his basement. An angel apparently, that was bound to the film’s negative. The price for this mission is $200,000 and all expenses paid. Plus a two week exclusive run of the film in Kirby’s theatre. Also Bellinger is ill and hopes to see the film before he dies.




Kirby’s first stop is to an insane reclusive critic who’s become obsessed with the film, his room filled with thousands of pages of his review of the film that he continues to work on. He also has an audiotape of the interview with the director. After Kirby listen’s, he has flashes of his wife’s suicide.



Soon, he’s sent to a warehouse where a deranged snuff filmmaker waylays Kirby and he later wakes tied to a chair. The filmmaker explains that an Angel was sacrificed to create the movie and the horror of it effects all who view it.

Kirby has another vision afterward he comes too, holding a machete. The filmmaker with a slashed throat says Katja has the film, before he dies. Kirby tracks her down, she’s the widow of the director and she hands over the film. Her husband died in an attempted murder suicide but she survived.


Well Bellinger receives the film, he discovers all of the rumors about it are true.



This movie is good, definitely a psychological horror. It graphic and gory, with moments that are hard to watch. 


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