Macabre...ish Horror Review: Circle



Circle, 2015/ 87 min.


A group of mostly strangers, wake up standing, in the dark but on red patterns, in a circle on the floor. Men, women, kids, pregnant, elderly, every member of society is represented here. When anyone tries to movie from their spot, they’re warned, ignore the warning, you’re dead.





They must figure out what’s going on and how to survive. No instructions, no directions and the only hints or clues are by process of elimination. As people are killed, they work out the rules and try to survive.


In the meantime, there is infighting and arguing which arguably makes everything worse. People create strategies and alliances but in the end, no one actually knows what the outcome might be or when it will be, maybe it only ends once everyone is dead.


This movie is for people who like horror or mystery but not blood, gore or graphic deaths. The entire movie is filmed in one room until the very end. It’s low budget but a good watch and decent concept but it’s not scary. It’s dialogue heavy but still engaging.


If it’s not streaming anywhere, it’s available here on itunes. Enjoy!


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