Macabre...ish Horror Review: Clown




Clown, 2014/ 1 hr 40 min


The clown fails to show up to a child’s birthday and his loving father, Kent (Andy Powers), steps in to play a clown when he finds a clown costume, in the basement, of their rental. He falls asleep in the costume, later, and discovers he can’t take it off.


He is forced to go to work with it on and in his continued attempt to take it off, he cuts his self with a utility knife and breaks a sawzall, trying to cut the costume off. At home, his wife, Meg (Laura Allen), removes the nose but rips off part of his nose. And the dog promptly eats the close nose. They also discover that the wig has become his hair. Kent starts acting strange: projectile vomiting, he accidentally injures people and develops an insatiable hunger.


Out of desperation, Kent contacts the previous owner who tells him not to touch the costume but when he hears Kent is already wearing it, he, Herbert (Peter Stormare) wants to get together. They meet at an old costume warehouse and Herbert informs Kent that it is actually the skin and hair of an Icelandic demon called a Clöyne.


There is only one way to stop the metamorphosis and that’s by beheading the wearer. Herbert doses Kent’s tea and attacks him but it doesn’t work and on the way to the police station, Kent wrecks because his fingers and toes start growing out of control and he’s attacked by Herbert who’s tied up in the back seat.


Kent is despondent, he tries suicide but discovers he regenerates. During another attempt he accidentally kills a child...then eats him. Then he goes to his son’s bully’s house and eats him. They find a loophole that will get the costume off. He has to eat 5 kids. He also finds out some secrets about Herbert and how he knows so much about it.


Meanwhile, the dog, Shadow, has turned into a monster, thanks to that nose he ate. Kent is trapped inside a nightmare and the only way out will cost him and his family everything.


This Eli Roth creation is good! Good pace, concept and cinematography. Nice effects and they are graphic and gory. It’s gets increasingly heavy and harder to watch as it goes. Plus there are jump scares.