Macabre...ish Horror Review: Cold Prey




Cold Prey aka Fritt Vilt, 2006/ 97 min


Some friends (Jannicke, Morten, Eirik, Ingunn and Mikal) go on a snowboarding vacation on a secluded mountain to avoid the crowds. One of them breaks his leg and they have no signal but find an empty lodge. It seems deserted so they break in, make themselves at home, treat Morten’s leg, finds and start the generator.


They find a bed burned to ashes and lots of things that could have been left by guests. They also find a log, the last entry was made in 1975 and it says...’We hope you find your son’. Included is a family photo with a boy with a birthmark on his face. And later newspaper clipping with the same boy.


After they turn in for the night, Mikal is rebuffed and storms off and when Ingunn goes to check a noise, believing it’s Mikal, she’s attacked. She runs and almost makes it to the rest of the group when she’s pickaxed in the back and dragged back down the hall. Her screams drowned out by music.


The first time everyone else realizes anything is wrong is when Eirik goes missing after tripping over Ingunn in the snow. And when the other’s are searching for them and realize, many of those ‘lost and found’ items were made after the lodge closed.


They can’t decide if they should run or barricade themselves in, then the choice is made for them. They do a decent job of running, hiding and trying to survive but they aren’t ready for this guy.


The kills are brutal but it’s not as graphic or gory as you might expect and it’s got some good tension, solid score and nice cinematography. This is not torture or gore porn, it’s slasher and the Norwegians do it pretty well! It feels real. We also find out what happened to the mentioned missing boy. This story had Norwegian audio with English subtitles and it was not bad at all! P.S. The... All My Friends Are Dead song at the end 👌

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•8th bear trap movie 💥