Macabre…ish Horror Review: Cold Prey 3



Cold Prey 3 (Fritt Vilt 3), 2010/ 1 hr 35 min.



In 1976, a family, Gunnar, Sigrid and their son Jotunheimen lives at a lodge and their is a strange child whose parents are certain he has something to do with strange happenings in the area.


So he is locked away and abused by his dad. Until one day, he vanishes again and is outside for 2 days during the winter and is presumed dead. But then he suddenly returns home and stabs both parents. The family is considered missing by the authorities.


Twelve years later, 6 friends (Siri, Simen, Hedda, Anders, Knut and Magne), go hiking in the mountains and rather than staying in the creepy, abandoned lodge, they camp in the woods nearby.


Early the next morning Siri (Julie Rusti) and Knut (Sturla Rui) sneak away and fall into a huge animal trap. He is impaled and Siri escapes to get help. But a man shows up and drags him away before she can even find her way back to get help. When she finds someone, Jon (Nils Johnson), she’s not so sure he’s a good guy.


When the four other friends wake up they search for them.  Simen (Arthur Berning) has a gun but when a giant hooded figure runs at him, he’s no match. He’s found impaled on a tree and his friends run for their lives, taking refuge in the cellar of a nearby house. And that was a big mistake.


Magne (Pål Stokka) sneaks out to see if the coast is clear, it is…but a stupid mistake gets them caught. As they run for the woods ahead of a barrage of arrows, many of which are hitting their mark.  Anders (Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen) gets the worst of it and Hedda (Ida Marie Bakkerud) is trying to nurse him and keep them both alive.


Meanwhile, Siri has found Knut but is attacked and police, Einar (Terje Ranes) are checking out the area. It turns out, there could be more than one monster in these woods.


This movie is a prequel and a pretty good one too! The quality is the same as the first two movies. It’s also just as sad and graphic, it also does a good job of filling in the gaps of the story. And this no weak helpless victim movie, these people fight like hell to survive. Also I could not find a version with English audio or subtitles, the one I have has Norwegian and French audio options and French subtitles.